A labrum tear is a tear on the soft piece of cartilage that lines the ball and socket of the shoulder bone structure. There are many ligaments and tendons attached to the labrum that all work together to ensure the shoulder is stable. Occasionally this piece of cartilage can get caught between the glenoid and the humerus bones of the shoulder and with time this can cause the labrum to tear. Such an injury to an important ligament like this cause instability to the entire shoulder and is usually accompanied by a lot of pain.


Causes of labrum tear

Labrum tear is caused in many different ways. Sports injuries are the main cause of labrum tears. The reason is, the outermost part of the labrum attaches directly to the biceps tendon. So the athletes who use a lot of force and motion with their biceps such as weightlifters, golfers and baseball pitchers are at high risk of this type of injury.

Traumatic injury is the most common cause of a tear. Traumatic injury may result from a situation such as falling in a manner that puts strain on the shoulder or a direct blow or sudden pull on the shoulder. Furthermore, labrum tear can result from degradation of the cartilage from overuse, repetitive motion and a dislocated shoulder.

Symptoms of labrum tear

  • Loss of strength and range of motion
  • A feeling of catching during motion of the shoulder
  • Moderate to severe pain during certain motions
  • A constant dull ache in the shoulder

Traditional treatments for labrum tear

The first treatment for labrum tear for many people is a combination of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), heat and ice pain and medication. These are meant to help relieve the pain and there is also the physical therapy to improve functioning. In case these conservative measures are not enough, cortisone injections can be recommended to relieve the pain and inflammation in the area. This condition resolves over time for some patients. But for others, the symptoms fail to improve and surgery is therefore recommended in such cases to repair the tear. Due to the complexity of the shoulder joints, traditional surgery requires a lengthy and painful rehabilitation process to restore the full range of motion.

NeuroSpinal Institute of Broward’s stem cell therapy for labrum tear

If you are suffering from labrum tear, you can visit us for a painless alternative to cortisone injections and/or surgery. After undergoing our procedure it will take you a very short time to recover. NeuroSpinal Institute of Broward’s procedure for labrum tears includes a combination of stem cell therapy and PRXP treatment. PRXP treatment is a form of platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatment that has been enhanced and fortified with cytokines and additional natural growth factors. This procedure reduces the risk associated with traditional surgery and treats the underlying damage causing the pain. We extract stem cells from your bone marrow (BMAC) and fat (Adipose).  Cytokines and PRP are extracted from your blood. We then purify the cells and filter them in a special device resulting in a highly concentrated solution which we inject into the affected area.

The PRXP releases growth factors that nourish and guide the stem cells throughout the process of rebuilding and strengthening the damaged tissue. They accelerate the healing process by making the conditions in the affected area more conducive to repair and stimulating the movement of stem cells towards the site of inflammation.

Stem cell therapy may not be suitable for everyone with labrum tear. That’s why you can contact us to find out if this procedure is right for you and also to learn more about how these procedures help repair a labrum tear.

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